Friday, 31 January 2014

West Ham Deadline Day Updates

You can expect many players to be linked with West Ham and as per usual it's likely that very few of the layers being linked will join our current batch of players.

Already this morning it's being reported that the Max Gradel deal is in the balance after talks apparently broke down after the player jetted into London to hold talks with our club. The deal is completely dead but at this moment in time it is looking unlikely.

It's also being reported that we are in for Qpr winger Shaun Wright Phillips. The ex England international is wanted by ourselves and Stoke, with it being reported that he would prefer to stay in London. I would be very surprised if two wingers were brought in and if I had to choose; my preference would be to sign the younger Gradel.

Napoli right back Pablo Armero is close to sealing a move to Upton Park according to various sources, as Joey O'Brien is currently out with a dislocated shoulder, Armero should be a fantastic signing.

It also looks as if our interest in Olympiacos frontman Kostas Mitroglou is very much concrete with it being confirmed that ourself and Fulham look set to battle it out for the Greek goal machine.

Departues are also looking very likely with Modibo Maiga, Mohammed Diame, Ravzan Rat and Alou Diarra all looking set to leave to raise funds.

One bit of news that could be of some interest to West Ham fans is the failed takeover of Leeds United, last week it was announced that we had put in a bid for Leeds frontman/Captain Ross Mccormack, with the offer being rebuffed I wouldn't be surprised to see interest in Ross starting to regain momentum.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Roland Talks Exit

West Ham and Romanian left back Razvan Rat recently dropped a bombshell on the club, stating that he will leave the club should we get relegated to the Championship.

Here is what Rat had to say...

“There are some clauses and conditions in my contract but one thing is sure, my contract ends if West Ham are relegated,” he said. “I will be fighting to keep West Ham in the Premier League. I have a wife and three-year-old daughter to look after.
“But I try to keep my family away from what I do. They must only the good part of my job. They need to feel only the good part of football
“This is my job and I am trying to do my best for me and my family and also the player that the fans want to see. I want my family to read in the papers how good a performance Razvan Rat had."   

Strong words there from the Romanian captain, since arriving in the summer on a free transfer I can't say I have been taken away by his performances but then again he has never played Premier League football before. 

Big Sam Isn't Going, So What Now?

Let's be honest, nobody expected a decent result against Manchester City last night. The 6-0 drumming we suffered in the first leg didn't only make it virtually impossible to overturn - but it would have severely dented the teams confidence going into this encounter.

Of course our great and powerful saviour Sam Allardyce was quick to make excuses, issuing the blame onto the defense (heard that one before).

After the game the usual social media callings of 'Big Sam out' were reiterated. I wasn't surprised to see all of the hate for Allardyce, after-all - quite a few of the fans were never that keen on him coming in the first place;  so it was only a matter of time before the fans wanted him out.

One thing that gets me is that no matter how loud we chant, he isn't going nowhere, not yet anyway. A crowd of 14 thousand West Ham supporters turned up yesterday, has this prompted the two David's to take any action?  Of course not!  Has this prompted Sam Allardyce to call it a day and salvage some respect and integrity? Of course not!

In a way, why should he quit? If he did he would lose out on a large amount of money;  in comparison to if he was sacked. So in others words, he has the upper hand, David Gold admitted that if we were relegated at the end of the season sacking Sam wouldn't cost a penny.  But surly the results of relegation would be to catastrophic to contemplate!

So it looks as-if Sam won't being going anywhere, we are in the latter stages of January so a new manger wouldn't have enough time to bring in new players anyway.

So Sam is the only option we have got.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

West Ham Legend Speaks

Nuff said.

Maiga Exit Expected

Malian International and Hammers frontman Modibo Maiga looks set to join an ever growing list of strikers who didn't quite fit the bill at West Ham - and leave the club (probably at a loss). Actually, most definitely at a loss...

It was expected that Maiga would join Championship side Qpr - but that deal was called off as it was reported that he wasn't interested in joining, other reports say that Harry Redknapp's team was never interested in him, either way Modibo's West Ham career looks set to come to an end - this time with Turkish side Sivasspor being touted as a possible destination.

With the injury of Andy Carroll and release of Carlton Cole, that saw Maiga thrown into the deep end and given extensive first team opportunities - but he struggled to find the back of the net, only scoring 4 goals since signing for West Ham in the summer of 2012.  At times Maiga has looked a good player but our current system of play doesn't suit him, something the player has admitted himself. When watching him I often feel that he need a strike partner; rather then being the big target man that Sam Allardyce prefers.

As I mentioned above, Maiga is set to join a long list of strikers who have failed to succeed at our club in recent years. The list includes Nicky Manyard, John Carew, Sam Baldock, Wellington Paulista and Marouane Chamakh.
All these players have one thing in common, they never really had the opportunity to prove their worth at the club, by no means are they 'bad' players, just look at Chamakh - he has went on to be one of Crystal Palace's biggest goal threats.

I worry when we are linked to new striking options because I ask myself the question why would they want to join?

Why would a new striker in particular want to join a club where he will always be second best!

Deja Vu For Diarra

It was roughly this time last year that West Ham midfielder Alou Diarra went on a rant about manager Sam Allardyce saying how he was lied to and hasn't been given enough opportunities to play first team football.

Well, a year on and it's a case of de déjà vu for West Ham fans and Diarra as Sky Sports are reporting that the French international is hoping to leave West Ham this transfer window.

Diarra was quoted as describing his move to our club as a 'bad career choice.'
It was expected the Alou would miss the whole season after suffering a serious knee ligament injury against Cheltenham in the Capital One Cup 3rd round. Diarra surprised everybody when he returned after just 6 weeks - and with midfield being his natural position he has found himself playing in defense as of late, something that has clearly frustrated the player.

Concerning Diarra, I can see why he would be frustrated, a vastly experienced player who hasn't had much of an impact since joining for Marseille, at times he's looked a very decent player but I believe a move away from the club would be the best for himself and West Ham.

Big Sam hasn't played Diarra consistently at any point of his West Ham career so I would be surprised if we ever found out how good he is.

Ravel Looks Set To Leave

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has all but admitted that Ravel Morrison looks set to leave this January.

When asked about the youngsters future Big Sam was quoted as saying...   

"Well, who knows? You take each day as it comes in this window.
"This window creates a hysteria about the fact that people will tell you that somebody is going to come and get you. That could then turn your head, probably based on the money that people say you're going to make. Everybody as a human being is not all the same, some players will act and react a different way, to whatever they feel is best for them.
"I would probably think that across the country at every club there is a player unsettled because of mad January, the lunatic transfer window that creates havoc throughout the game.
"He's a young man, and a young man with not much experience, you have to give a bit of leeway for that scenario. He's not an experienced man in life, never mind in football. And inexperienced young players can react in many different ways.
"It's difficult for a manager to give advice to a young player when it comes to that because they see you probably working for the club as the manager rather than working for them."
When pressed on Fulham's bid for Morrison, Allardyce added: "That was a simple turn-down of a derisory offer, in our opinion. It's an offer that wasn't acceptable." 

What Worries me about Morrison is that I expected him to leave at some point - but not to a direct League Rival. The teams currently linked with Ravel are sides like Cardiff, Fulham and Aston Villa, with Fulham looking the most likely destination. These teams are in the same situation as us; fighting for survival. 
With Ravel's personal life being constantly questioned I would like him to show us a bit of loyalty and stay up until the end of the season. His valuation is something that will divide opinion, after-all Ravel has had some outstanding performances but ultimately their are still many unanswered questions about him. 
All it would take is a couple of good performances and his valuation would go up dramatically, being a young English talent all it takes is a good game and people will start talking about the World Cup. 

Up until now and the end of the transfer window will be a real test of Ravel's character.